Mineral Supernatural Benchtop

Caesarstone Mineralâ„¢ Surfaces are innovative, sustainable, low silica surfaces formulated with a unique blend of natural minerals and recycled materials for superior durability and aesthetic appeal.
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Evolution Gloss Ultraglaze Doors

Polytec’s GLOSS Ultraglaze doors and panels are an acrylic, premium surface appropriate for residential and commercial joinery.
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Mitch & Bethany's Kitchen

Mitch & Bethany wanted a statement piece in there own home without breaking the budget so they decided to facelift there existing kitchen.

This saved a huge amount on materials and labour costs enabling them complete a cubed island with stone splashbacks.

The transformation was amazing and there home now has an absolute statement piece as there guests walk into the upstairs kitchen and living room.

Brands Caesarstone & Polytec
Budget $15,000+
Location Mount Martha