Care & Maintenance

Smooth Doors & Panels Care

Melamine doors & panels are manufactured from the highest quality materials and designed to provide years of trouble free service.

Whilst your doors are made from a Moisture Resistant Medium Density Fibreboard (MR MDF) and as with any wood based panel cannot be made totally  waterproof, care should be taken to wipe up spills immediately, ensuring the doors are not exposed to high or continuous levels of moisture, steam and humidity.

General Cleaning

Wipe down using a damp soft cloth containing warm soapy water, followed by drying using a soft or microfibre cloth so as not to leave any residue on the door or panel.

This should be sufficient with no need for any further action.

Always ensure that you refer to the recommendations provided by any cleaning product manufacturer before use.

To ensure that your polytec warranty will not be void, DO NOT use any of the following on polytec Melamine doors & panels: Commercial Cleaning Products, Abrasive Cleaners, Scouring Pads or Abrasive Papers, Acids and Alkalis, Solvents, Thinners, Turpentine (Turps), Ammonia, Bleach, Acetone, Easy-Off BAM!, M.E.K. or any other cleaning agents containing organic solvents or the above mentioned products.

Avoid contact with sharp implements. Use range hoods whenever cooking, to avoid steam and cooking oil vapours from adversely effecting surfaces.

Please note: polytec provide a limited seven (7) year warranty on all door products which ensures against design, workmanship and manufacturing defects.

If you detect any problems with your doors, polytec must be notified within seven (7) years from the date your doors were manufactured.

Failure to follow the above care instructions may result in damage to your doors and void your entitlement to the warranty.

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